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7 Ways To Increase Clicks To Your Website From A Google Search

Looking to increase click through’s to your website? In this post, we highlight the easiest way to do this through optimising your meta tags.

Ever since the early days of SEO, the optimisation of meta tags has been an important part of getting your site visible in Google. In fact, in the 2019 Ranking Factors Study done by SEO Guru Rand Fishkin, it was in the top six results of important factors according to over 1300+ experts in the industry.

The easiest part of SEO is meta tag optimisation but with this in mind, why do people still fail to optimise these effectively?

Before we answer that let’s start from the beginning

What Do You Mean By Meta Tags?

Meta tags don’t appear on the page content in the same way that text or even H1 headers do, but are a simple piece code that appears in the back end of your website and depending upon how your website is structured will depend upon, how easily these can be manipulated.

What Is A Meta Tag Example?

When you search in Google you will see two bits of information, the meta title (the bit appears above the URL in a Google search) and the meta description the bit under the URL.

The meta title also appears in the top of any web page you visit most popular browsers

What is the purpose of a meta tag?

Meta tags in terms of SEO, are in a great way for you to showcase your website to potential visitors even before they visit your site from a Google search.

For example, let’s say I am looking to buy candles and that’s all the information I have right now, I want to buy a candle. I don’t know what colour, what scent, what candles are out there, I am right at the beginning of my user journey.

To optimise your meta tags effectively you need to pay attention to some best practices. Here are 7 ways to Supercharge your meta tags

What is the purpose of a meta tag?

1. Title tag length – The first bit of our example above for Yankee Candle is the title tag “Yankee Candle – Candles, Candle Accessories” This needs to be no more than 64 characters long or 512 pixels if you want to get technical. Any longer than 60-64 characters and you will see they truncate it at the end with … as above. So don’t stuff this tag with lots of words.

2. Google always uses a default font, so you won’t be able to alter this and you will find that they put the brand name (if you mention it in your title tag), at the start of the tag.

3. Be descriptive – This is like a header to your ad. Make it pop! Whilst including your important keywords, in my opinion, this is still a VITAL part of SEO. Use terms like “best”, “affordable”, “quality”, “trusted” have been known to include CTR (click-through rates) to your website.

4. Don’t spam – Don’t repeat the main phrase too many times, not only could Google frown on this, it could be a turn off to potential visitors. Once or twice max.

5. Make sure your main keyphrase is at the beginning of the title tag as possible. Meta Description – This needs to be more than 158 characters long.

6. Unlike your meta title, it needs to contain a sentence or two with a good call to action. Whether it’s your telephone number, buy now, contact us to arrange. This is your chance to shine. Use it to advertise why people should click on your site, rather than others. Include your USP whether it’s price, quality or any other feature or benefit.


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