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Many businesses have lost all faith in SEO companies

When it comes to SEO a lot of small businesses go to big digital marketing agencies hoping they will get them to where they need to be. Although initially the sales pitch and projected results are impressive, once contracts are signed, their account can often get handed over to a junior manager and over the course of the relationship it becomes apparent they have no strategy in place and transparency is virtually zero which leaves clients feeling lost and frustrated.

Faze47 Digital was born out of frustration with this big agency model and this is where we aim to make a difference. We sit down with you and find out how you envision succes and what goals you want to achieve. From this we build a solid strategy, which will be detailed to you, to help you acheive these goals.

We know that getting a report with lots of technical jargon and figures you don’t care about or understand is not a great way to measure success, which is why our monthly reporting shows you your progress and the results you care about.

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